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***COVER REVEAL*** Kiss Me by LP Lovell



 Kiss Me #2 Kiss of Death Series

Release Date : 20th March 2017


I’m running.
I have more enemies than even I can fight, and a five-million-dollar price tag on my head, all because I helped Nero. The hunter has become the hunted, and now I have a life to protect—an innocent baby. And that suddenly feels like the most important mission I’ve ever had. I’ve never been so invested in surviving, so let them come. I’ll kill them all.


I had a plan and it was perfect.
She was my queen, my ultimate weapon. She played her part and helped bring me the power I sought above all else, but at what cost? Now she’s all I want, all I need. Una is mine. I will kill all who stand between us and burn the world to ash just to keep her.

A pending war. A test of survival. A partnership that would see their enemies tremble in their wake.
A ruthless king. A savage queen.

Kill me or kiss me?


 Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England.

She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

Lauren is a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

LP loves to hear from readers so please get in touch.

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*** COVER REVEAL *** Between the Secrets by S. Ferguson


Between the Secrets by S. Ferguson 
Cover Reveal Date: March 1st, 2017 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer

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Between the Secrets, an all-new MM romance by S. Ferguson is coming March 16th!

Sometimes the past won’t let you escape no matter how much your future wants you to.

Jake James lives in the shadows of his shame. The guilt for what he’s done, for what was done to him, has left him hollow and haunted.

Greg Bissen just wants Jake to let him in, having accepted who he is a long time ago, he is desperate to break through Jake's defenses.

When danger and an agonizing loss threatens to tear them apart, will Jake let the burdens of his past crush him?

Or can love really conquer all, even if it’s hiding in between the secrets?

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About the Author:

Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken. 

Connect with the Author:

Twitter: @SarahFergWrites

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*** RELEASE TOUR, REVIEW, EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY *** Under the Peaches by Shana Vanterpool


Title: Under The Peaches
Series: Teaching Love #1
Author: Shana Vanterpool
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2017

Unwanted. A word eighteen-year-old Kaelyn Jefferies knows better than most. Given up at birth, she knows nothing of love. Now she navigates this world blind, worrying only about her present to survive. And sometimes when you’re the only guide you have, you don’t always do what’s best for yourself. After another confrontation with her bully, Kaelyn flees to her hiding spot to be alone and nurse her wounds. Instead, she finds Julian Ean, the gorgeous twenty-four-year-old calculus teacher the other girls whisper about, nursing a few of his own. Until that moment, Mr. Ean was simply a man she passed in the halls. Afterwards, he is impossible to ignore … to forget. Mr. Ean only wanted to help Kaelyn. Patch her up and show her she was worth so much more than she was giving herself. He didn’t mean to fall in love with a student. It’s wrong, he knows it, but he can’t help himself around her. Not when her pain feels like his. Kaelyn didn’t mean to fall in love with a teacher. It’s wrong, she knows it, but after Mr. Ean shows her what a real smile feels like, there’s no going back after that … 

Book one in the Teaching Love Series, comes a poignant coming-of-age novel showcasing the beauty of strength and the delicious lure of forbidden love by Shana Vanterpool.

“A beautiful romance. I cried. I laughed. I swooned (a lot!). I added Mr. Ean to my book boyfriend list for sure (*wink*)!” - Reader Review 

“This book is the BOMB!!! YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!” - Bookish_Affair 

“This Book, this book!! Is there anything Shana Vanterpool can't write??” - MillsyLovesBooks 

“This book has easily been my favorite for this year. Shana has a way of bringing out the tears from me but also putting smiles and feeling happy for the characters.” -A Bibliophile's World

In my current state, between ignoring and hanging on every word, I admit that’s what he is to me too. A shield between the hurt and me. I know exactly what he means. When I am around him, I forget to hurt, and it isn’t fair because he’s hurting too. But I can’t help it. No one warned me about him either. “Julian.” “It’s like,” he whispers. “Like and attraction doesn’t mean love.” What did mean love?

Under the Peaches is a story about the choices we make, the reality of abuse and that sometimes conventional relationship norms can be broken in the face of something more meaningful. Julian and Kaelyn have a bond that defies what is expected and flourishes  because what they have is more important than what others think. This book was hard to read in parts but was well worth the journey. 

Kaelyn is suffering from a traumatic childhood and current reality when she meets her teacher. Julian is also struggling and seeing Kaelyn hurting doesn't sit well with him. As they create a friendship, it borders on going past what society deems as okay. But as their relationship evolves, their own lives and their current situation become more tenuous to the point that neither will come out the same as before. 

Student/Teacher romances are admittedly touch and go for me. Having been a teacher this kind of taboo can be difficult for me to read and connect to at time but Ms. Vanterpool made me sympathize with these characters to the point that I wanted so much more for them than they were getting. I did at times get a bit frustrated with both Kaelyn and Julian, the choices they made and their reactions to some of the events that happened, but at the end, their story was built so that I could't fault them and only wanted the best for them.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 3.5 "Taught" Stars ☆★★

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Romance author, coffee drinker, and bad boy aficionado. Every second not spent breathing is an opportunity to write and read. I live in Northern California with my family and actress dog, Halle Bella. (Just Bella when she decides to cut the crap.) Escaping with a good book is something I live for and I write so others can do the same. 


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***RELEASE BLITZ, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** The Last Call by RB Hilliard


Title: The Last Call
Series: MMG Series No. V

Author: RB Hilliard
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 28, 2017

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where Max and Ellie finally get their end game and Gage and Piper reap the benefits from not letting go.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where Dillon and Isabella realize what one more time really means and Kurt and Joss are flipped right side up.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where Cas and Sarah figure out how to keep it simple and Harry and Polly take a chance on love.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where friends come together as family and family means everything.

Welcome to The Last Call.

Where new beginnings are just around the corner…



This is the very last book in the series!

This book is in multiple points of view.  Every couple is featured and there's even a back again Polly and Harry!! Yay!!!

Each couple has their up's and downs as they did in their books and this is no different.  There's all sorts going on! I refuse to ruin the plot because if you are a fan of this series as i am this is a real gem!!!  There is a new story running through this so it's still fresh and new.

You might think this is just a tie it up book but it's so much more it has a plot of it's own for all of them!! I loved it!! It kept me gripped from page to page because i can't get enough of them all! Especially my man Gage.... ohhh my yummmminesss.  He's a man of few words but hey who needs em! lol

Seeing more of Joss and Kurt was amazing also Polly and Harry all kind of secondary characters but they get their say here.

I found the writing just brilliant.  She must have had page upon page of notes to make sure all details were correct! Just Fab. 

I'm really sad to see the end of this series.  It was bittersweet reaching the end but ohhh so satisfying.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! If you've read all the rest.  Read this!! If you haven't then go and download it now you won't be sorry!

Reviewed by Kerry

★★☆ 5 "simply brilliant series" Stars ☆★★

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RB Hilliard lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children. Her love of the written word led her to pursue a degree in English and later a career as an academic language therapist. In 2012 she took a break from teaching and began writing her first novel, His End Game. Hilliard has published five books in her MMG Series, as well as Utterly Forgettable, a romantic comedy and Fractured Beat, the first in her Meltdown Series.