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**REVIEW & GIVEAWAY** Sweet Temptation by K.C. Lynn


Title: Sweet Temptation (Men of Honor #2)
Author: K.C. Lynn
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: May 1st, 2014
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“If you could go back and change one moment in your life what would it be?” 
I expect him to say the week the three of them were held prisoner, but what he says 
next is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
“It would be to find you sooner, because I would have never let anyone hurt you.”
And that was the moment I gave Sawyer Evans my whole heart.


At 17 years old Grace Morgan had managed to live through what would be the 
worst day of her life. One would think this is where her torment ended, but then 
she was sent to live with him- the devil himself.

Three years later she finds herself in the beautiful, small town of Sunset Bay, South 
Carolina- a perfect place to start her life over. This is where she meets the best 
friends she will ever have, and one cocky, sexy, arrogant,ex-Navy Seal whose heart 
turns out to be bigger than his ego. Right when things start looking up the worst 
day of her life comes back with a vengeance; ruining the peace she had just found.
Sawyer Evans is a strong, sexy, confident ex-Navy Seal who loves women just as 
much as they love him. His philosophy is: the more the merrier, with no strings 
attached. But all that changes the day he rolls into Sunset Bay, where he meets a 
sweet, sexy blonde with sad amber eyes, who smells like cupcakes and bakes the 
most delicious pies. The only girl who isn’t affected by his good looks and charm... 
or so he thinks. 

But Sawyer is a fighter who is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Grace. 
Along the way of making that happen, he finds out she holds secrets, and a pain 
much deeper than he thought possible- and he has known pain like no other man 

A year ago he made a life-altering decision that not only bought him a week in hell 
with men he considers his brothers, but also ended his career. It was a decision he 
will never regret, no matter the scars he bares, physically or emotionally. He 
refused to let that moment in his life break him or define him.
So when Grace’s life is threatened, he will make another decision, one to not only 
protect her, but also mend her broken heart. 

This is a New Adult Romance and is told from both character’s pov. Due to strong 
sexual content, coarse language and mature subject matter this book is not suitable 
for anyone under the age of 18. 

This is Book Two in the Men Of Honor series. If you like hot, tattooed, possessive 
alpha males than this is the book for you.

My Review

Holy crispy crust on a “Take My Breathe Away” Pie this was such an Ah-Mazing story! 

I absolutely loved it. I never once found myself getting bored with the story or wishing parts would just be over and done with. In fact, three quarters into it, I thought to myself that I needed to slow down because I didn’t want it to end.

I went from a blubbering mess in the prologue to laughing out loud in chapter one. This story will certainly take you on an emotional journey of heartache, friendship and love.

I really enjoyed Fighting Temptation and I didn’t think anyone could really top Jaxson. The ending to that book will forever be one of my favorite scenes but…

Sawyer Evans has done the unthinkable. 

He has taken Jaxson’s spot at my #1 Man Of Honor! 

 I really doubted his ability to do that but the more and more I got into the book the more and more I fell in book love with him. 

He has an ego the size of Texas which is hilarious and makes for lots of laughs.

He is super sexy…hence is nickname “Sexy Sawyer” 


He has fallen for the plain and simple girl with a southern twang that smells like cupcakes and 

bakes pies that are to die for. 

Grace…poor Grace. My heart just broke in a million pieces for her from the very start. She has suffered through so much in the last few years and has kept to herself. But now that she’s in a new town with new people, she is determined to make it on her own. She has dreams, big ones, and she will work her butt off in hopes to someday be able to fulfill them. 

She’s not very good at letting people in and besides a couple of girlfriends and Mac, the man she sees as her angel…she’s alone. Then one day Sawyer Evans comes into the diner where she works and there is something about him that has her feeling both terrified and safe all at the same time.

Sawyer is a flirt and he seems to pay extra special attention to Grace. She knows he’s just messin’ with her but that doesn’t affect the blush that creeps up on her face every time he’s around.

And boy does Sawyer love seeing her blush…

Surprisingly, she finds herself opening up to him about things she never thought she would share with anyone.

“All I want is to belong to someone. It’s not right, everyone should belong to somebody.”
The last of her words break out into a sob and cracks my fucking heart right in half.
“You do belong to people, baby, you belong to me, and to Julia, and to Kayla…you belong to us all, Grace.”

Sawyer is determined to get Grace to give him a chance, a chance at what…he’s not sure yet. But he knows there is something special about this girl and he can’t let it go.

She’s his Cupcake…

“Nope, that’s not why you remind me of a cupcake.”

“Oh yeah, then why?”

“Because you’re as cute as a cupcake, you smell as sweet as a cupcake,” his tone drops and turns husky, “and I’ll just bet you fucking taste as good as one too.”

Whoa. All the oxygen gets sucked out of my lungs and my heart kicks into overdrive.
Damn that man is good.

The connection between Grace and Sawyer is undeniable but Grace has a hard time believing a man like Sawyer, a man who could have any woman he wants would be interested in her. But Sawyer is not giving up and he will do what it takes to prove to Grace she can trust him.

When Grace’s past comes back to haunt her, Sawyer takes it an opportunity to implant himself in her life- not only protect Grace but to also show her the kind of man he can be. 

Holy Shizzle on the sexy scenes. W.O.W. There were a lot but they weren't repetitive. I hate when a book is written with a lot of them but they are all written the ends up boring and I find myself skipping lines or paragraphs. Sawyer and Grace definitely were NOT boring.

“I’m going to show you how to do this one day, Grace, show you how to pleasure yourself.”

I gasp when he flicks his wrist and curls his figers inside of me. 
“That’s ok, you can just do it, I think you will be better at it anyways,” I pant out heavily.

We also get to meet Sawyer’s family (who are all so amazing…well for the most part) in this book as well as more of Jax, Julia, Kayla, Cooper, and Cade.

I cannot wait for Cade’s story. He is so quiet and we learn a little more about his past, which is beyond heartbreaking. I can’t wait for him to have a voice and get inside of his head to know what he is thinking.

I love how K.C. Lynn goes from one POV to another. I love how she stays in the same moment but just switch point of view. LOVE THAT! It keeps the momentum and feelings of the story line going.

This is a highly emotional yet fresh and fun story, full of laughter, playfulness, friendship, and love. I loved the transition from sad to happy moments. I can't even count how many times I cried in this book...only to be laughing a paragraph later. That right there makes for an awesome read! 


K.C. Lynn had me hooked with Jax in Fighting Temptation but she has stolen my heart with Sawyer in Sweet Temptation. This is a “Forever With Me” kinda book. It’s filled with so many ups and downs that it keeps you on your toes and engaged in the storyline and refuses to let your heart go at any point. 

Simply Amazing.

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★★☆ 5 "Stay With Me Forever Pie" Stars ☆★★

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About the Author

K.C. Lynn lives in a small town in Western Canada. She’s married and is a stay at home mom of four: two girls and a set of twin boys. She coaches the local high school cheerleading team and also has her own rhinestone clothing business. Her love of romance books brought her to writing her first debut novel and she looks forward to writing many more. When she’s not writing, or spending time with her family, she’s reading and loves going to the movies.

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